Friday 23 January 2015


In honour of St John Bosco
22nd to 30th January
Feast Day 31st January
First Day: Love Christ in the Blessed Sacrament
St John Bosco, who loved Christ in the Blessed Sacrament so deeply and spread that love to so
many, help me to understand this mystery of God’s love for me, that I too may find, in frequent
attendance at Mass and Holy Communion and in visits to the Blessed Sacrament, comfort and
strenght throughout my life and at the hour of my death.
Glory be to the Father, etc. Let us pray.
God our Father, it was your will that through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, St John Bosco
should raise up new families in the Church who would work for the salvation of young people;
grant, we pray you, that we too, burning with the same fire of love, may seek souls and serve you
alone, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Second Day: Devotion to Our Lady
St John Bosco, you had so enduring a love of Our Lady, Help of Christians, ever your Mother and
Guide. Help me to share this deep and lasting love for Mary. May I experience her powerful help
and protection through my life and have her at my side at the hour of my death.
Glory be to the Father....Let us pray.... God our Father......

Third Day: Loyalty to the Church and the Pope
St John Bosco, you had a deep love for the Church and an unswerving loyalty to the Pope. Help
me to be a faithful member of the Catholic Church, proud of my faith and ever loyal and obedient
to the Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ, and to the bishops and priests who share his authority.
Glory be to the Father....Let us pray.... God our Father......

Fourth Day: For the Young
St John Bosco, you had a generous and practical love for the young. For so many of them you
were a father and guide, working for them with heroic sacrifice. Young people are especially dear
to our Saviour. Help us, too, to work with a holy and generous love and to see in each one of them
the person of the young Christ growing up in Nazareth.
Glory be to the Father....Let us pray.... God our Father......

Fifth Day: For Salesian Priests, Brothers and Sisters
St John Bosco, you founded the Salesian Society and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians to
continue your work for youth. I pray that all these priests, brothers and sisters may be filled with
your spirit, your zeal, your love and joy, and so inspire other young people to follow them.
Glory be to the Father....Let us pray.... God our Father......

Sixth Day: For Salesian Cooperators
St John Bosco, in order to deepen Faith and Charity in the world and spread your work for youth,
you started a third family, the Salesian Cooperators. May they be strong, fervent,
apostolic Christians, supporting your work and spreading a love of Christ in their homes and
among young people.
Glory be to the Father....Let us pray.... God our Father......

Seventh Day: For Missionaries
St John Bosco, your zeal for the salvation of young people could not be kept within narrow
frontiers. You sent your Salesian sons and daughters, to the ends of the earth. From heaven
intercede for all Missionaries, that their work may be blessed. Obtain for me a zeal like yours, that
in working with generosity and enthusiasm for the salvation of others, I may save my soul.
Glory be to the Father....Let us pray.... God our Father......

Eight Day: For Purity
St John Bosco, by God’s grace you preserved within yourself an overwhelming love for purity and
preached it by word and example. You lead Dominic Savio to holiness while he was still a
schoolboy. Obtain for me the grace to be pure of heart and so through my own way of life to let
others see the joy of the life in friendship with Christ.
Glory be to the Father....Let us pray.... God our Father......

Ninth Day: For Family, Friends and those in Need.
St John Bosco, you had a heart full of compassion when you saw people suffering or in need.
Obtain for me, for my family and loved ones, the blessing of Mary Help of Christians and all the
graces we need. Pray especially that our families may be united in peace and harmony in this life
and be gathered together with you in the joy of praising God for ever in heaven.
Glory be to the Father....Let us pray.... God our Father......

Prayer to St John Bosco
St John Bosco, full of confidence I turn to you, asking you to intercede for me. Help me to lead a
good and happy life. May I always be a help to others, avoid sin and die a happy death. Bring
down the blessing of God on all those in my thoughts and prayers now, and obtain for me the
special graces which I now ask..... I trust in His love and mercy to grant what He knows is best for
St John Bosco, send us good and holy priests and religious and grant perseverance to those who
are preparing to offer their lives to God.
St John Bosco, pray for us.

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