Sunday 14 October 2012

annual gathering for international missionaries in Ireland

there was a very lovely mass and gathering today at Kimmage Manor in Dublin where various missionaries from different parts of the world gathered around the Eucharistic table. It was organized by the Irish Missionary Union (www.imu.ie). Participation during the mass was optimal as the qualities of the missionaries was displayed in the animation of the mass. This gathering of Irish missionaries who are working abroad and those who have come to the country was soul-filling and the vibrancy in the liturgical music with different missionaries playing their instruments professionally with little children doing the liturgical dances in a great variety of color and languages from all the continents of the world was splendid. The attendance was also commendable;  a number of more than 200 missionaries  in a cold Autumn rainy evening (a season which lasts till November in Irish -Gelic calender)
one of the highlights of the liturgy was the Gospel reading that was acted as it was being proclaimed and the intermittent silence that created room for an inner assimilation of the divine presence  to take place in the more than 1 hour encounter, which by the way, would not be the regular time for Mass in Europe..
 children at the 'our father' at the mass
 some religious from Nigeria and Ghana
acting the gospel

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